Designing Destiny ©2005 Sandy D'Acey

V1: Set out on that dusty road, with certainty,
We sang and played through four strong winds of liberty,
One quick trip around the sun, and he was on his way
He left me with an old guitar and the tapestry we, made
V2: I moved back home, started working 8- to- 5
(It's) something that I had to do this time just to get by
Thought this was the answer, to security
(but) found it was a gilded cage that I let clip my wings

CH: Do I hold on or choose to let it go
Tryin' to find the answers, of how to make it home
Time-ticks-on, with no rewind
Where's-the-faith, I-thought was mine?
To find what's best for me, and design my destiny

V3: Looking for an answer, a woman came to me
Offering to share a world of synchronicity
She told me she could help me make some dreams come true
And said, "My soul's devoted to it, now how 'bout you?"

CH: Do I hold on or choose to let this go
I can make the choices, of the paths to take me home
Time's not lost, just re-defined
I’ve recovered faith, and it's all mine
I'll find what's best for me, and I’ll design my destiny

Bridge: So, pull your dreams out of the mind, take a walk with the DIVINE within you
Search your heart, turn it inside out, embrace your truth, it’ll come about
And you will live your legacy, And design your place of peace

V4: As I slowly broke-through, I found that all along
My voice still has to had its say through writing my own songs
Thinkin' of how far we've come and how far I've yet to go
There's no doubt I can't go back, and I won't, cuz-I'm not alone, I’m not alone

CH: I can hold on or choose to let it go
I have claimed my choices & this path has brought me home
So brave the storms, share your pain
The road less travelled, calls your name
You've got so much to give, Design your destiny, and live

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